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The right ambience is an essential element for producing a setting that draws in customers, and the addition of professional sound and image can create exactly that. AV Tech specializes in bringing your business to the next level and into the 21st century with the installation of modern technology.

While AV Tech offers outstanding home and car services, we also excel at providing top-notch technology to any business setting. Whether it be within a corporate environment, dining area, hotel, etc., we can fill your commercial venue with vivid, clear picture and clean, lively sound. Our services are available in any space of any size, in which we offer only the best installations of products that are easily managed and simple to run. We strive not only to provide a quality of sound and image that is unmatched, but also prices that are affordable and customer service that is superior. AV Tech is the perfect place to revamp your business with outstanding technology and service you can always rely on.



When you leave your business for the night, it’s important that you can be confident in knowing your space and assets are safe and sound. AV Tech strives to bring you that peace of mind with the installation of high-quality and trustworthy security systems. A fool-proof security system requires various components, the most common and best defense belonging to alarms paired with video surveillance. The experts at AV Tech are fully equipped to provide you with the best security devices and equipment services.



Although it’s never pleasant to expect the worst, it is always worth it to be prepared. With the assistance of AV Tech, there is no need to spend time worried about knowing when something is wrong. Instead, be at ease by investing in our top-of-the-line alarm systems that will immediately notify you when something goes astray at your business. Alarms are designed so that their responsive sensors pick up on motions and other disruptions in the space. After movement/disturbances are detected, the responsive sensors are triggered and the alarm sounds providing notification that something isn’t right. Our Clearview systems work hard to protect and save your business from potential threat.

Because we believe in going the extra mile for our customers, some of our systems include features that surpass the basic alarm system, such as:

Access Control

Go beyond the restraints of the traditional lock and key. AV Tech is allowing you better security be making available the installation of access control. Access control is designed to restrict access into your building, as well as record transactions of people entering or trying to enter. Most access control systems require some type of credential before allowing entrance into the building, and upon the entering of the proper credential the door is unlocked and the event is recorded. If the correct credential is not provided, the door remains locked, yet the event is still documented. Access control can give your business the extra edge in security.

Temp Control

Often times undesired fluctuation in temperature can result in damages or losses. Temperature control systems are designed to prevent your business from such harm. Although they can implemented with different settings depending on the purpose, many temperature control systems can be set to maintain a particular temperature. Then, if the building temperature strays from the previously placed parameters, an alarm is enacted. A temperature control system could be exactly what you need for your business to reach top-notch security.

Panic Buttons

Including a panic button in your security system can grant employees, or anyone within your business building, feelings of protection. Panic buttons are devices used to discreetly and manually enable your security system. If any individual feels the need to notify others of an emergency, a panic button is the perfect way to unobtrusively do so. While not sought out by every business, panic buttons can amplify the well-being of your business and all the people involved.


Video Surveillance

Being able to see exactly what is happening within your business is a major benefit to security. Professionally installed, exceptional surveillance cameras are a no brainer if your goal is to monitor your space meticulously without missing a beat. Surveillance cameras operate by being connected to a main monitor. As they record, the cameras deliver the footage to the main monitor to be surveyed and watched. If you are concerned an event may have occurred, surveillance footage can be rewound to a particular date for you to review. Video surveillance is a dependable method for exact tracking of the safety of your business.


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